Introduction & Philosophy Of Varmam Therapy

Varmam is one of the oldest South Indian Martial Arts which later evolved into a therapy. The pressure point struck or hit during combat is called Varma Adi (Varmam assault). It is an art o unarmed fighting system targeting nerves, veins, joints and organs.

Varmam refers to points all over the body where the pranic (life) energy remains oncentrated. Many of such points when hit forcefully produces injurious effects or changes in our body. Suchchanges vary with the force of hitting, specific time or duration and the physical strength of the victim. At the same time, such points or many other points when manipulated therapeutically produces curative effects in many diseased conditions.

An expert in Varmam technique is called “Varmani”. He teaches this art to other persons only after analysing their character whether they have noble (sathuva) qualities or not. That is why Varmam is also called Marmam which means secret.Varmam are energy points located long invisible energy channels in the body. Any injury or block in the flow of vital life energy leads to diseases. There are about 72,000 naadis (energy channels) in our body through which the life energy is circulated. The flow of life energy can be equated to the flow of current. But the strength of life energy is of low voltage which can’t be measured by ordinary electrical evices. Skin is the largest organ in the body and it produces resistance to the normal flow of life energy. Varmam points are considered to be the stations where the flow of energy is boosted. Reaching locations of Varmam points, techniques of approach and degrees of manipulation play vital roles in therapy.

Saram (Vital Energy) Circulation

The term “Saram” indicates the places where vital energy or the life energy exists. It also indicates the directions of flow of vital energy. The vital energy or the life energy is also called “Vaasi”. The function of saram can be understood only through its circulation which is the basic of Varmam. The vital energy called vaasi is derived from our act of breathing and it moves from one Varmam point to another through specific channels and forms a chain of circuits in the body cells and offers an environment for the body cells to function smoothly.

Varmam Therapy

Varmam therapy is the therapeutic manipulation of Varmam points in which the pranic energy remains concentrated. Manipulation over these points with a particular force for the specified time will release the pranic energy from these points and bring relief to the affected individual by regulating the flow of pranic energy which is obstructed due to assault on specific points (Varmam points) or due to other causes. The basic principle is to normalize the flow of Varmam energy.

The methods of Varmam treatment being practised today can be classified as follows:

The above said treatment procedures are appropriately chosen and carried out by well-trained and experienced Varmam experts by appropriate hand/digit usage.

Treatment in diseased conditions

In general, Varmam therapy includes

The points where life energy resides and flows through, in the human body are known as Varmam. Varmam also means points where breathing energy resides in the body (Vaakata Nithanam: Verse 31). Varmam are scattered over various parts of body in nerves, nerve joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and inner organs.

Classification Of Varmam Points

Two major classifications with respect to Varmam points mentioned in Siddha literature are

which have been well established and are widely in use.

However, it is observed that thousands of Varmam points are mentioned in several literatures Varmam can also be classified as the following: